Killer boat still missing

The mystery behind the death of two Manipal Institute of Technology Computer Science department students continued as the search for missing boat ended in vain at the end of the day on Tuesday.

It may be recalled that two students Kiranchandra Mouli from Bangalore and Nikhila Malli Mudugula from Hyderabad were drowned after they along with another student had been to boating at midnight on Friday when the boat in which they were in, allegedly capsized at Mannupalla Lake in Manipal.

However, the other student who accompanied them in the boat ride Shaunak Mahabuni from Pune escaped unhurt in the tragedy. The absence of water in the bodies of deceased students according to the post mortem report has raised suspicion towards the cause of the deaths.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, SP Dr Boralingaiah M B said that police don’t have any concrete evidences to support the fact that the deaths have taken place other than drowning. Briefing over the post mortem report, the SP said that there are possibilities that the duo might not have drunk water while drowning owing to shock, that is, they would have died of shock and not drowning. There are such possibilities, he added.

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