Chikkbandahalli residents lack basic transport facility

Chikkabandahalli in Kasaba hobli is an non-descript village in Mulbagal taluk. It has, however, become big news for its lack of transportation facilities which have disconnected the village from the rest of the state.

Located 4 kilometres away from Mulbagal town and five kms from National Highway 4, Chikkabandahalli has as many as 56 houses and a population of 300. Most residents belong to the Scheduled Castes, Minority groups and Backward classes.  

Isolated, the village did not even have basic facilities until protests resulted in a Government Primary School and an Anganwadi Centre being built. But residents claim that these have only highlighted the village’s lack of infrastructure.

Teachers working at the school have no access to public transportation and have to arrange for their own transport or walk 4 kms to Mulbagal. Students who attend the school or travel to colleges also suffer hardships as there is no basic conveyance.

Residents claim that the worst affected are women and the elderly, especially those seeking medical help. “Visits to hospitals are never smooth,” a resident said. “People are forced to shell extra on auto rickshaws or walk the distance.”

There are currently no government employees posted to Chikkabandahalli. There is, however, a large power transformer in the centre of the village which poses a hazard to residents.

The slightest fluctuation in power is enough to send people indoors as they are afraid of losing their lives, residents of Chikkabandahalli said.

Panchayat ineffectice

The headquarters of the local gram panchayat which has authority over Chikkbandahalli village, is located 10 kms away in Sonnawadi. This is a hurdle for village affairs.

According to Gram Panchayat member, Srinivas, Chikkbandahalli villagers are forced to travel the 10-km stretch in order to exercise their rights or to lodge grievances.

He further says: “The villages in the surrounding areas belong to the Pichchaguntlahalli gram panchayat limits, while only Chikkbandahalli is included in the Sonnawadi gram panchayat — which is totally unscientific.”

Village member Gollara Krishnappasaid said that many residents want elected representatives to improve conditions. “Representatives should also gift good roads,” he said.

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