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Last Updated 21 June 2012, 12:19 IST

Home furnishings and home decor items are a huge aspect of online shopping. Sudha Jain goes shopping for products on some interesting websites.

E-commerce has transformed the way people shop. Now even home furnishings and home decor items can be bought online without compromising on the quality and exclusivity of the product. is one such website which provides a wide selection of products in the lifestyle segment. Rajat Nagrath, its CEO says, “Home decor websites have contributed a lot to the economy. There is a huge demand for home decor items and we have to keep increasing our product range as per the diverse demand of the buyer, constantly adding a new touch to the products so that they don’t get repetitive. We keep playing with different ideas to make this platform attractive such as offering discounts and gifts on some products and enhancing the quality of our products to bring exclusivity. Our merchandisers consistently study Indian / global trends to stay current. Sometimes new designs are added as early as within one week. Almost every product featured on is unique and the product range includes the finest stemware and bar accessories from European manufacturers, to lighting, rugs, art, home linen, etc. The product range is sourced from manufacturers and designers, both highly established and upcoming designers from India and all over the world including Turkey, Italy etc. What’s unique about this website is the interiors virtual designer free app which allows its users to play with paint, flooring options, trims to achieve their interior styles and themes.

Lovy Khosla, founder of says, “The increase in awareness of new trends and brands, rise in the purchasing power and the arrival of various brands are among the factors that have led to a change in the attitudes towards online shopping. To maintain and match up to the demands of customers, a constant update of the products is a must.” The Elvy shopping catalogue has nearly 1,200 products in eleven different categories and claims to maintain uniqueness and exclusivity.

Another website that offers functional to decorative, classic to kitsch home and garden shopping experience is Says Nikita Bhargav, creative director of Zansaar, “The shift to online shopping reflects the modern Indian customers’ lifestyle, convenience of shopping from home anytime with home delivery time cut short to three-five days makes it an easy way to shop. It also allows one to compare prices instantly and take a decision. At a store one would not get all the information you need, but most online stores give you all the necessary information. Not to forget that the online space is where you would get the best bargains without the hassle of traffic and travel. One of the biggest challenges in e-commerce is the communication with the customer, earning their trust, and displaying a quality of service that will convince them to switch to online shopping. Keeping this in mind, focus has to be on creating exceptional range of products, carefully crafted according to the demands of the customers. Seasonal and monthly sales are put up to make them available to a wider range of customers. Focus for us is always customer satisfaction and we ensure that the quality of the product is at par with the price.”

Packaging plays a very important role in e-shopping.

As Rajat Nagrath puts it, “good package design is regarded as an essential part of successful business practice. The very first thing the potential customers notice is the package before the product arrives on the shelves. Even though the shipping cost goes high, we hire superior logistics service provider and take care to package the material well so as to minimise the chances of any breakage.”

Even at Zansaar, as Nikita puts it, “they work together with the customer towards making things right when they go wrong, and ensure that every purchase becomes a positive experience.

“The products are carefully inspected before leaving the warehouse, but in case of damage, a 30-day replacement guarantee is offered.”

Online shopping gives the shoppers an experience from the convenience of their homes without having to take that extra step outside their homes. They can compare, understand, imagine how a product would look in their homes, wait, think about it and with the click of a button, buy it. As Nikita Bhargav puts it, “everybody likes to shop at an outlet that is neatly laid out, where the products are stylishly displayed,” all while having that cup of tea! 

(Published 21 June 2012, 12:19 IST)

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