Tiny fish at your service!

Planning to get a pedicure done? Well, this time allow hundreds of fish to take care of your dirty feet! Don’t be scared, the fish won’t be bigger than two to three inches.

Fish pedicure or fish spa is not new to India. Originally from Turkey, this was introduced in India around thr­ee years ago. After an initial craze amongst girls, fish spa, in which hundreds of Garra Rufas fish in a water tank nibble away dead skin off feet, is now attracting women, men and children too.

The natural pedicure, which is extremely popular in Turkey, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, begins with cleansing of the feet followed by dipping them in the water tank where the ‘doctor fish’ are ready to eat the dead skin off your feet, leaving them fresh and glowing after a while. Fish spa is now ava­ilable at shopping malls and spas across the City.

For one person’s pedicure, around 300 fish, not older than two months, are enough. However, it can be more enjoyable when you take a friend along. “We have around 700-800 fish in one tank, where two people can get the pedicure done at the same time,” says Shikha Chandra, owner of Hap­py Feet Spa at SelectCity Walk.

According to dermatologists and pedicure experts, fish pedicure gives results similar to bleach and cream pedicure and even better if done hygienically.

“Fish pedicure is in fact, better than other types of pedicures bec­ause it is a natural process. If fish and water are changed regularly and feet cleaned before putting them into the tank, there is no harm in it,” says Indu Tolani, a dermatologist.

It is not the result that lures people towards fish spa but the fun and ticklish feeling it gives. “I always get the fish pedicure done with one of my friends. It is fun unlike other pedicures which is done in a closed room. We chat and chill out while the fish are at work,” shares Priya Ranjan.

The imported fish have to be changed as they grow bigger than two or three inches. Also, to maintain hygiene and remove the risk of any infection, UV water filters in the tank should remain open 24 hours. “Though the chances of infection are very low, if hygiene is not maintained, there can be infections of viral, hepatitis and even HIV. As a precaution, people who have even slightest cut in their feet should not be allowed to go for this pedicure,” adds Dr Tolani.

Cheap quality of fish which are bigger in size are also available but they don’t nibble the dead skin as finely as smaller ones. “The fish must be changed after two to three months.
The smaller they are, the better they nibble. Also, bigger fish starts to scare people,” says Shikha.

Fish spa is available in different rates at different pla­c­es beginning from Rs 300 to 350. Some of these places are West Gate Mall, Rajouri Garden; SelectCity Walk, Saket; TDI Mall, Rajouri Garden; Aura Spa, Parliament Street; Serena Spa, Janak Puri; PVR Saket Complex and Saffro­niya Wellness Spa, Greater Kailash.

So, dip your feet, relax and let tiny fishes do their bit!

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