'I was waiting for the right script'

Clinching deal
Last Updated 24 June 2012, 13:14 IST

Adventure enthusiast Rashmi Gautham loves exploring new territories. So when actor Jaggesh offered her the lead role in Kannada film, Guru, the Telugu star was game for the challenge.

She was waiting for the right script to foray into the Kannada film industry. “The script clinched the deal. It’s a beautiful story and I thought I would take a chance and act in it. I am a Teluguite and learning Kannada is not tough for me.

The two languages are similar. I am looking forward to start shooting here,” Rashmi tells Metrolife.
Rashmi says she wants to start working in the Kannada film industry with an open mind. “It’s always better to go with an open mind, you tend to learn better. This is my first venture and I don’t want to get choosy right at the beginning. I have a lot to learn,” she adds.  

Rashmi has done a couple of Tamil and Telugu films and she’s tested her skills in some reality shows as well. She was noticed for her role as Narmada in Kandaen. “This film was a learning experience for me. I didn’t do any extensive homework for Kandaen. It was very spontaneous,” she notes.

Rashmi has dabbled with a bit of television as well. She essayed the character of Mounika in the serial ‘Love’ in Telugu and Swathi in another serial Yuva. But she points out that acting in films is a lot easier than doing television. “In films you finish a shot in one or two takes but in television, it drags on,” she observes.

And this young lady says that she didn’t know that she had fears of any kind, until she went to do the reality show, ‘Super’ in Telugu, which is the Telugu version of Khatron Ke Khiladi.

“I got over some of my worst fears. I’ve done some of the most daring stunts like jumping off a 250-feet-high cliff and in another sequence I was asked to make a tiny cobra burst a balloon.

There was this one time when I was in a snake aquarium, it was creepy but I was too dumbstruck to even scream,” she recalls and adds, “after the show when I got back home I ended up sleeping for five days.”

Rashmi doesn’t really have any favourites in the film
industry but she is quite curious about the actors down South. “The actors down South are a class apart. They work hard and party just as hard,” Rashmi sums up.

(Published 24 June 2012, 13:14 IST)

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