People's Problems

Housing complex sans facilities

The KHB complex has an attractive layout spread on 700 acres, with villas and multi-storey complexes — considered as apple of the eye for those visiting Surya City. The layout has beautiful roads, but sans amenities. The residents have to pay a monthly maintenance charge and yet, it is the most neglected part of the City.

The layout is bogged with other civic problems like - garbage collection, which is done only when the bins are full. Plastic bags are burnt regularly, polluting the area. The stray dogs’ menace is high. They keep howling throughout the night. They also get into garbage bins and make the place messy. Rabid dogs have attacked residents during their morning and evening walks.

Though there is a depot located in front of the main arch of the layout, the complex lacks bus service. People have to walk a distance to reach the nearest bus stop. If buses coming from Anekal and vice versa are diverted inside Surya City, then it will help the travelling public. Adding to the woes, fluctuation in power supply to the complex has also created problems with internal trippers. We request the authorities concerned to urgently attend to the problems.

L M Karkaria
MIG Block, Surya City

Parking on footpaths

Vehicles of students of CMR College in OMBR Layout connecting Banaswadi are parked on the pavements causing inconvenience to the passersby. The parking also leads to traffic jams during the peak hours. Parking space should be provided on the college premises and footpaths must not be encroached.

Branch Manager
SBI, OMBR Layout

No water for five months

aResidents of Govindpura, APJ Abdul Kalam Road and AC Post have been facing water crisis for the last five months.

In spite of having complained to the BBMP several times, the authorities concerned have not bothered to act. In order to meet the daily water quota, the residents are forced to buy water from private tankers, at a cost of Rs 500 per tank.

Several pleas to the area corporator, Irshad Begum, and BWSSB officials, to look into the matter have fallen on the deaf ears. The residents hope that the authorities concerned will take immediate steps to solve this problem.

Gaffur Sattar
17th Cross, Govindpura

Criminal activities rampant in Kuvempu Nagar

The first stage at Naidu Layout in Kuvempu Nagar has become a haven for anti-social activities.

Anti-social elements have damaged water pipelines, streetlights and other civic facilities, who carry out their activities after night fall. They often play loud music on the cellphones, accompanied by whistling and loud, vulgar words.

They smoke and drink and leave empty bottles on the footpaths and streets. Some times, they throw them in the compounds and at the doors of the houses.

The cemetery here has also turned into a meeting point for the elements who often spend the night there, screaming and yelling. When confronted, the elements claim that they were free to do as they wanted as all these were public places.

Some have even threatened residents who dared to complain. The youths often pass lewd remarks and tease the women residents who find it difficult to walk on the roads. After 7 pm, residents are scared to step out of their houses.

The youths also drive vehicles at high-speed and have removed the silencers. They are involved in drag races and stunts. Most of them are minors and do not even possess valid licences.

There have been a few accidents also. They also block the main road by parking their vehicles haphazardly. Criminal activities are at its peak between 1 am and 2 am.

The involvement of a few migrant labourers is also suspected. The residents are concerned about their security. The authorities concerned should take appropriate action.

Radha R, Kuvempu Nagar Singapura village

This rainwater pit is useless

Rainwater pits are being proposed all around the City to recharge  groundwater table. It will be an utter waste of time, energy and money if it is not done in a scientific manner. A rainwater pit has been dug at one end of K R Road near Upahar Kendra Hotel. But there is no inlet to the pit. The BBMP authorities who supervised the work at the implementation level should have been alert during the construction. Will someone set it right?

NHS Flyover, Basavangudi

Communication gap in BSNL offices

An application seeking transfer of telephone and internet connections from Jayanagar, to the new residence at Rajarajeshwarinagar, was submitted at the BSNL office in Jayanagar, almost a month ago. After several visits to the Jayanagar BSNL office, the application was finally processed and a transfer order sent to the BSNL office at Rajarajeshwarinagar, via, the commercial office in Banashankari. And after all this exercise, the transfer is yet to happen.

After several visits to the Rajarajeshwarinagar office, the staff finally informed
that they had traced the transfer request, but the notice should have been sent to the new office in Channasandra, under whose jurisdiction the new resident apparently falls.
The staff at the counter informed that the commercial office at Banashankari had made a mistake and had sent the transfer request to Rajarajeshwarinagar, instead of Channasandra. She said the work order had been re-sent to the Banashankari commercial office and was given the contact numbers to follow up the case.

Till today, several calls to the office have gone unanswered. Attempts to contact the staff of the Channasandra BSNL office on several occasions, have gone in vain. Now, I have been asked to contact the Banashankari commercial office again. This has left me all the more confused. The apathy of BSNL towards its customers is really shocking.

Chetan M V
Rajarajeshwari Nagar

Road from Koramangala to Sarjapur needs attention

The road adjacent to Agara lake, from Koramangala to Sarjapur, is in terrible condition. The road has neither footpaths nor streetlights. Lorries and water tanker have scattered mud all over the road.

Huge potholes are spotted around the traffic signals.

The sides of the road are blocked by the sellers of earthen pots. In the absence of a proper drainage system and with the arrival of monsoon, there are more problems lurking.

Criminal activities are also on the rise after dusk.

John Shehan
Near Agara Lake

Traffic signal causing problems

A traffic signal near Lalbagh Siddapura (South) Gate is causing problems to the residents of Siddapura. The present light system makes it difficult for the commuters to turn to their right and enter the main road towards Wilson Garden, or take a left turn to enter Siddapura from the Ashoka Pillar side.

The traffic inspector of Siddapura Traffic Zone recommends that a pelican signal should be added at the cross road. But in a location where road rules are not properly followed and which is not programmed according to the present needs, such a signal will not help ease the problem.

Our request is that the traffic light should be removed or a high-rise pedestrian crossing should be built on the other side of the cross road, so that vehicles coming from Wilson Garden towards Ashoka Pillar do not prevent residents from moving easily in and out of Siddapura.


MSR Nagar pavements in bad condition

The pavements in MSR Nagar were recently built and instead of facilitating the pedestrians they have turned into death traps. The iron rods from the cement slabs are protruding dangerously, which only shows the shoddy work of the contractors.

The finish is not perfect and the work is not properly completed. Pedestrians can trip and fall on the pavements, thanks to the protruding rods. Children and elderly persons have to tread cautiously. The authorities concerned should take immediate steps to repair. It has been over a month since the condition exists.

Vaman S B, MSR Nagar

Stray dog menace on rise

The lives of people living on 8th Main, 2nd Cross at NGEF Layout in Sadanandanagar had become miserable due to rise in the number of stray dogs on the streets.

Dog bite incidents are also on the rise, especially during the night hours. It has also become difficult for people to reach their homes either by vehicle or on foot, as the dogs ferociously chase them.

Due to continuous barking by the dogs, the residents in the surrounding areas are unable to sleep in peace.

We request the authorities concerned to look into the matter and put an end to the menace.

A S Sendil Kumar
NGEF Layout

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