'Raj govt indifferent to Muslims'

A delegation of Muslims from the state have complained to the  National Commission for Minorities chairman Wajahat Habibullah about Rajasthan government’s alleged failure to provide justice to the victims of violence at Gopalgarh last year.

Ten persons were killed and 30 injured in the firing and attack at Jama Masjid in Bharatpur district on September 14.

The  delegation, which included Rajasthan Muslim Forum convener Quari Moinudin, other community leaders from Gopalgarh, Jaipur and the Mewat region, and riot victims, met members of the minorties commission in Delhi.

According to them, the commission expressed its dismay over Central Bureau of Investigtation’s selective approach to nail down only Muslims for  violence.

The commission reportedly assured it would take up the matter with the CBI and Rajasthan government.

The commission was also dismayed to know that Muslim victims were arrested and jailed, the delegation said.

The commission felt that the firing at the mosque was one-sided and the police played both a conspiratorial role and colluded in the killings. It wondered why some of the policemen were not posted out of the Bharatpur division till now, according to the delegation.

The delegation demanded that an Inspector General-level officer from outside the state should be appointed as investigating officer by the CBI. As far as possible, Gujjar policemen and administrative officials involved in the violence should be moved out of the Mewat region till the judicial and CBI inquiries are over.

Muslims hinted that the inquiry and findings by former Justice Sunil Garg are being deliberately delayed. 

They delegates complained  that only  Rs 5 lakh compensation was given to the  families of those killed, as against the CM’s  promised Rs  15 lakh.

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