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Last Updated 29 June 2012, 13:47 IST

Instead of spending their free hours in front of the television or the computer, a few  youngsters are picking up instruments and living out their dream of making music. One of Bangalore’s upcoming bands with a unique character, ‘Clown with a Frown’ talks about its peculiar name, quirky look and entirely fresh sound.

Having played together for barely a year, the band consisting of vocalist Abby Attavar, Jonathan Reuben and Reuben Jacob on the guitar, Pramod Pratap on drums, Abheet Anand, the bass player and Dilip Hegde working backstage on the sound, the group of six seem full of energy after their gig at the Fete de la Musique 2012, held recently.

“Give us a stage, give us sound and we play anywhere,” quip the confident players. Sure enough, the band did not merely play; they managed to absorb the audience entirely in their music. Their on stage presence kept the audience engaged, clapping along to Pramod’s beats, joining Abby in her spontaneous moves and head banging with the guitarists as they left the crowd enthralled by their originals like ‘Cupid Voodoo’, ‘Caesar’ and ‘No Pun Intended’.

“Most of our energy rubs off on the crowd,” admits a smiling Reuben. In fact, the band claims its usual gigs to be much wilder than this. “We’re tired out from college and the cables were too short to jump around with,” laughs Abheet.

“People come watch us to have a good time,” Pramod contemplates. “We like bringing music to the people,” adds Jonathan. “And we love having fun!” pipes in an excited Abby. Adding to the entertainment, even the band’s look was in keeping with their funky name. Sporting feathered top hats, colourful shoes and tie-dye shorts, the band credits its vibrant wardrobe to Reuben. The band links its appearance to its name.

“Well, clowns are supposed to be funny and make people laugh,” explains Jonathan. On introspecting, he adds, “But there is a bit of sadness in everyone. One can’t avoid pain and suffering.” The meaning behind the unusual name is that despite intending to make people laugh, clowns, like humans, are not always as happy as they portray themselves to be.

Despite their entertaining, enthusiastic outwardly façade, the band runs deep with significant implications, from their very name to some of their lyrics. “For we are nothing but winds born of empty skies,” recalls Jonathan, referring to the lyrics of one of the bands originals, ‘Blue-Eyed Skies’. In fact, at the end of every gig, the band leaves the audience pondering over their signature sign-off mentioned by Abby,“One day, some day, you will be a king with a crown; but until then, you’re just a clown with a frown.”

(Published 29 June 2012, 13:47 IST)

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