Rocking the riffs

Slash is the guy behind the great riffs in Paradise city and Welcome to the jungle. He’s become a trademark with his long hair obscuring his face under his top hat. There is hardly any amateur rock guitarist who hasn’t played his riffs.

Together with Axl Rose as bandmate in Guns N Roses, he became a celebrity.
Slash began his solo career and released his eponymous first album in 2010. He had numerous guest vocalists — everyone from Lemmy, Ozzy, Fergie and Myles Kennedy (among others).

His second release, Apocalyptic Love, features Slash’s band, consisting of
vocalist Myles Kennedy, bassist Todd Kerns, and drummer Brent Fitz
(collectively referred to as Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators). With Myles Kennedy as the solo vocalist, most of the songs are very riff-oriented. Myles’s rock vocals are unique and recognisable. Kennedy matches Slash note for note.

Anastasia contains a riff that’s slightly similar to Paradise city. No more heroes bears a tiny resemblance to Sweet child o’ mine. It really doesn’t matter. Far and away throws in strings to give it an orchestral feel. Bad rain has funky, grungy riffs throughout, which would be a favourite with headbangers. Far and away is a stand-out ballad on the album with a slow vocal delivery.

One last thrill is a gritty, up-tempo rocker, while Shots fired is a bold rocker with classic sing-along choruses and an epic guitar solo by slash. This one can be a smasher on rock shows. In You’re a lie, Myles lets out this awesome, Grohl-style scream in the chorus. This album is for all fans of Gun ‘n Roses. It has all the necessary quality of becoming the best rock album of 2012.

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