Today's Letters.

Today's Letters.

Dear Sir,

Germany glittering on the world map
In an underground tram station in Germany two huge photographs have been displayed.The first one depicts a place shattered during the world war and the second after Germany was rebuilt. The message is clear. Germany today stands as a prosperous country. Love for the country, hard work and the will to transform the country from shambles to a prosperous one have made Germany glittering on the world map. In nearly the same number of years our country has remained poor, backward and with scores of serious problems. Nature has bestowed our country with abundant resources the sort of which many prosperous countries have been denied. The will to transform our country and raise it to the pinnacle of glory is what this country lacks.

Missed sarcasm
Shashi Taroor’s use of ‘cattle class’ should be viewed in conjunction with ‘holy cows’ that he followed up with. This was his way of mocking at the very existence of different ‘classes’ even in aircrafts. I am surprised so many critics have interpreted his comments literally and have missed the sarcasm in it.
Manu Rajan

Pot calling the kettle black
Mayavati's criticism about austerity looks like pot calling the kettle black. At least in the name of austerity, some meek realization about wastage of public money comes to light. But, Mayavati's blatant misuse of huge amount of public money on memorials when the state is reeling under severe draught and yet defending her action is something intolerable. It is high time, concerned citizens and media fight these irresponsible attitudes prevailing in our politicians which ruins not only the country's economy.

Twitter is not meant for official discourse
Cattle class is widely used to frown on the way some airlines herd passengers into the low-fare section, not a direct reference to the passengers themselves. Besides, Twitter is not meant for official discourse but chit chat — a tool millions use to celebrate the spontaneity of communication and the urge to get across their 140-character opinion on everything under and above the sun. Looks like, nobody has anything against humor itself but the party of the common man feels that sharing jokes with the masses is a no-no.
J Akshobhya




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