Tapes reveal Jacko's disappointments

Tapes reveal Jacko's disappointments

The videos show Jackson calling his brothers “lazy”, his mother “disappointing”, and his father “jealous”, News of the World reported.

The pop star, who died in June this year, had taken on each member of his family one by one and expressed his disappointment with them in the video interviews recorded with the anonymous writer of his autobiography Moonwalk.

“The brothers didn’t give me support. We’d be working on a TV show or video and they’d be sitting around moaning and groaning but I’d be watching and learning. It takes talent, but some people are lazy and don’t want to develop anything,” Jackson said, talking about their group ‘Jackson 5’.

Though Jackson had insisted that he was the closest to his mother, the secret tapes reveal otherwise. “She disappointed me. She did an interview (about him). I don’t like her to talk. It’s none of those people’s business,” Jackson says in the video. Talking about his father, Jackson said: “He is a very jealous father. He isn’t gonna show you love, but anybody that gets closer to us than him he would tell them, ‘Leave my boys alone!’”

Jackson was jealous when his sister Janet got married. “Janet is a tomboy. That is why it kills me to see her off and married. We did everything together and were just alike...It’s a terrible loss,” the video said.