An exciting ride indeed!

Commerce Festival

An exciting ride indeed!

Students of Jyoti Nivas College had a blast participating in various events during their commerce fest

Recently, Jyoti Nivas College conducted its intra-college commerce festival, which was organised by its commerce association.

The festival was called Tempus Prefero, which literally translates to ‘time ride’ in Latin.
The theme for the fest was ‘amusement rides’ and the events were an opportunity for several students to showcase their management skills and business knowledge.
Participation was exclusively for the commerce students. There were 17 events and each one was ingeniously named after an amusement park ride.

Some of the competitions included ‘Wind Seeker’, which was an ice-breaking session; ‘Roller Coaster Ride’, which sought to find the best manager; ‘Tilt A Whirl’, which looked to have fun with business; ‘Battle Boats’, which was a moot court; ‘Loop the Loop’, a business crossword; ‘Cliff Hanger’, based on tourism marketing; ‘Ring of Fire’, which was a treasure hunt and ‘Log Flume’, a product launch.

With extensive participation from students, the atmosphere on campus was ecstatic and energetic.
 Students could be seen rushing in and out of the classrooms in which the various events were being conducted.

“‘Wind Seeker’ was my favourite event and my team won it for the third time. The themes for our fests have always been fun and interesting. The first year was about animals, the second year was about board games and this year, it’s all about amusement rides,” says Paayal R Batheja, a student, excitedly.

Sahana Swamy, a third-year student, took part in as many events as possible.
This is her final year in the college, and she wanted to make the most of the entire occasion.
“This is the first time I’m participating in the commerce fest. Although it’s a bit sad that I didn’t take part earlier, I had great fun and it was a learning experience. It’s disappointing that my friends and I won’t be a part of the fest next year,” she explains.

The students put their all into the various competitions, giving each other stiff competition.
“The fest turned out to be very informative for me because I had to do a lot of research for my events. It was such an eventful week,” exclaims Sana Zainab, who had won quite a few trophies.
For the freshers, it was a whole new experience. They were enthusiastic and euphoric to be a part of their first degree fest.

Many newcomers mentioned that they enjoyed the week and shared a better rapport with their seniors after it.

Maheshwari, Niriksha and Soumya, who participated in ‘Battle Boats’, say, “Our seniors are very friendly and we had a lot of fun competing with them.”

The students who were not participating had a great time cheering for their friends. Meghna Vijayaraj, the president of the Commerce Association, says, “It took us a while to plan this festival and we are very happy that this innovative and out-of-the-box theme has turned out to be a huge hit.”

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