Displaying tricks of quick cooking

Displaying tricks of quick cooking

Contest Time

Imagine making a drink, preparing a starter, the main course and a dessert in just an hour, and that too using just one microwave (for a team) and a few utensils. That’s what contestants did at the Quest for Super Chef Contest Season 2, a regional-level cookery contest, organised by Tupperware India.

 The contestants were paired in six teams. The participants had brought the required ingredients for their dishes.Two of the teams had a theme called Go Green. This theme was chosen, as green is the symbol of youth, development and healthy food.
The participants not only cooked the food, they garnished it well and placed decorative items like birds, houses and dolls made out of brinjal, capsicum, onion and bitter gourd on the dishes, enhancing the look. Hyderabadi murg, corn pulao, fruit punch, bread custard, capsicum masala and coriander bath were some of the items which were prepared.

The teams were judged based on the taste, presentation, the ingredients used, nutritional value and freshness. The contest was judged by chefs Sitapathi and Biswal. Said Biswal, “I am amazed that all the contestants have cooked the dishes in just a microwave. It is very tough to cook in a microwave considering the time factor. The results have surprised me. All the dishes are very good and tasted well. The Hyderabadi murg was my favourite,” he added.

The winners were Lavanya Madan and Usha Rudresh, the runners-up place went to Shanta and Amar Chetan. Lavanya Madan and Usha Rudresh said, “We are very glad that we won this prize. We had practiced a lot, timed ourselves, did rehearsals and kept improving the taste each time we cooked. We are so happy that our efforts have paid off. We are overjoyed that we won.”

Runners-up Shanta and Amar Chetan said, “We trained ourselves to cook everything on time. We are very happy that we won something. All these years of cooking have paid off finally in this form. The contest was a lot of fun and we both enjoyed it a lot.”