Smart computers for smart learners

Smart computers for smart learners

Rotary school gets new lab and multi-utility centre

“I’m learning A, B, C” she said with palpable excitement, as she clicked on the alphabets. The alphabets came alive on the monitor accompanied by words and sentences with pictures to enhance the learning process.

The occasion was the inauguration of the IBM Kidsmart Facility at the school in Nagadevanahalli on Monday.   The designated laboratory housing the facility was an instant hit with the students for whom the computers, English alphabets accompanied by cartoons and logical number games were all an altogether new experience.

Manju, a third standard student said, “The maths games are good and makes  arithmetic easy. The pop up cartoons also make maths fun.” Inaugurating ten new classrooms and a multi-utility room, Rotary International President- Elect Ray Klinginsmith said, “It is important to promote and support education as we recognise that education supports democracy.”

“We need to create educational opportunities for deserving students, who will give back their services to the society on completion of studies. Students have to realise their responsibility of serving the society to develop a great civilisation,” Klinginsmith said.

The school was a good example of private, public and non government organisation partnership, said the Rotarians. Robert Parker, CFO, IBM India said, “Through education, each one of us can make a difference. The school is not about donations or contributions, it is about the personal commitment towards these students of the stakeholders, which is beyond appreciation.”