Cops get good response on FB

The use of Facebook , a social networking site to create awareness on road safety and also get suggestions from the public on traffic related issues, by the Mangalore traffic police is a hit in the City.

Within a few days, thousands of people have visited ‘Mangalore city traffic police,’ a facebook page, which was created  recently, to create understanding about traffic-related problems and address such issues.

According to police, as many as 685 people liked the page. So the ambitious project which has been launched on an experimental basis, in traffic east police station and traffic west police station limits of the Mangalore City Police Commissionerate has been receiving overwhelming response.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Mangalore Police Commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh said that people have shown interest in using Facebook. “We have received useful suggestions from the public on ways to control traffic related problems.”

The citizens are venting their ire in large numbers on buses using harsh horns, potholes on roads etc.

“Many users are confused over the use of the page. We are also receiving complaints related to other departments as well. We have conveyed such grievances to the respective departments. Staff members are trained to strictly monitor to avoid any misconduct and false statements as it is being maintained  for creating awareness.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Subramanya said that the Facebook page on Mangalore City Police is on an experimental basis.

The Facebook page with technical support from REDMINT (a social media branding company) is used to create public awareness and it will be like a communication bridge between the police and common man.

“We can inform public about VIP visits, change in traffic routes, rules related to usage of mobile phone and wearing helmet, through the site,” Assistant Commissioner of Police said.

“This has both positive and negative sides. We can not reach out to the poor who are not well versed in the use of computer.  However, in the beginning, we want to target the educated who need to know the rules better.

We have received criticisms as well, which we will take it in a positive note, to improve the efficiency in the department,” Assistant Commissioner said.

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