Babus sleep as lamps glow in day

Babus sleep as lamps glow in day

‘Save energy to the maximum’ says Energy Department, irrespective of surplus and deficit supply of power. It is no more a secret that, the State is buying power to meet the demand. Amidst this scarcity, the department is leaving no stone unturned to make Mysore city glow after dusk, what with the illumination of the cultural capital, as Mysore is popular as, as part of 10-day Dasara festivities.

To the surprise of many, especially passersby, the bulbs remained aglow in broad daylight in the city on Monday. The bulbs put up horizontally and connected to the wooden poles along side, in a row on Bangalore-Nilgiri road from Fountain Circle to Dr B R Ambedkar Circle (behind Government CPC Polytechnic), remained on at noon.

When enquired with a local, he alleged that the bulbs are glowing since dawn and he attributed it to the laxity on the part of the authorities concerned. “When the State is reeling under acute scarcity of power, the authorities are to be blamed for failing to use power in a judicious manner”, he mocked at the babus. He didn’t forget to ask, ‘Haven’t you seen the street lights glowing in daylight? meaning, it is no surprise, if taken to account, the track record of the authorities concerned.

About 60 to 70 bulbs are fixed in each row and the lights in four rows were yet to be switched off in this particular junction. Similarly bulbs in three rows were aglow on the same road, in front of Bishop’s House.

When contacted Managing Director of Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Company Ltd (Cesc) Ramesh claimed that the lights may have been switched on to check the condition of the same. However, he assured to look into the matter.

Onus on Cesc

For the first time in the history of Dasara, Cesc has been entrusted with the responsibility of illuminating the city on its own during the festival. In the previous years, a separate sub-committee with both officio and non-officio members were constituted to look into the job.

Whopping bulbs, power

In all 1.63 lakh incandescent bulbs, each of 40 watts capacity are installed in the city as part of the illumination. Over 22 circles are wearing a look of bride, creating a picture of fairyland. This apart 3,200 metal alloyed lamps have been put up to enhance the beauty of trees in dark alongside most of the roads in the city. Ramesh said that, the hours of illumination is two hours from 7 pm. If it rains heavily, the lights will be switched off half-an-hour ahead of the stipulated time. And to keep the city lit with illumination for two hours, the department needs 70,000 units of electricity. Isn’t it a whopping number?