'Give us our result'

DU Woes

While on one hand, DU is gearing up to meet freshers with orientations programmes, on the other, regular students are going through a tough time, especially the II and III years.

DU is yet to give out the results of most of its students. In April, some I year students got the news that their marks are being deducted by at least five to 10 per cent. Later, it was found out that all the confusion happened due to a system error. Now, students are distressed as most of them still don’t have results, even though the exa­ms got over almost two mo­n­ths back.

II and III year students, and following the annual mode of examinations (as opposed to semester system) are badly hit. The courses yet to get results include Economics, Psychology, English, Journalism, Mathematics and B.A. Programme. The previous first years know their results as they are a part of the seme­s­ter system.

Journalism students are possibly the worst hit. While their exams got over more than two months back and college began yesterday, they are still waiting to know their first year marks. Nayna Jain, a journalism student, says, “They’ve given out Arabian and Persian courses’ results but not ours. I don’t even remember what I wrote in my answer sheets! I can’t fully enjoy college until they give me my result.”

Not only are the first years result not out, the II and III years’ result is nowhere to be found on the official website of the university. Aditya Dhunna, another journalism student feels once college reopens, they might have a clearer picture. “They should at least give us a probable date as to when we can expect results.” 

It’s frustrating for many. Ridhi Murari, a psychology student, says, “It is sort of weird that III year has begun and II year results are not out because a lot of plann­i­ng goes in for masters and how to go about things this year and it’s not possible to do that without knowing where you stand.” Alok Sethi, an Economics (Hons) student, says, “Not only do I need my II year result, I had also given improvement papers. I have to start studying accordingly.”

Others are resigned to the thought. Tina Das, an English (Hons) student, says, “It’s good! At least I’m not sad. But seriouly, I think I have now become immune to all this. I have stopped thinking about what I wrote and how many marks I’ll get because DU will give the results at its own pace.” Parmita Mathur, another psychology student, says, “What’s new about it. No one should bother about this anymore. DU will not change!”

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