A delicious twist to the 'dosa'

Creative Concept

Not everyone can digest the idea of a pizza dosa or if you’re more adventurous, a palak paneer dosa.

Still, if you’re a foodie who is willing to experiment and go out of your comfort zone, ‘Shresta Dosa Delights’ is definitely a place worth trying out! 

Located opposite Sindhi and Presidency Colleges in Hebbal, this undiscovered dhaba offers fare that is rather crazy — but absolutely delicious.   “We’ve been open for less than a month and it seems  that the college kids have  already turned our little dhaba into an adda for themselves,” says Ravindra Shetty, the owner of the establishment. 

“One can get the basics, like idlis, masala dosa or ghee dosa. But we also offer special items like the capsicum dosa, peanut dosa and the sweet corn dosa among other things,” he adds.  Both the regular and special items are interesting and quite authentic in their flavour. For example, the pizza dosa uses a nice, Indian tomato puree instead of an Italian one.

While the special dosas  do look a little strange when served on the plate, one bite into your mouth and you can’t stop eating them!  

The place is also extremely affordable considering the kinds of vegetables that are used in the cooking. 

The cheapest thing to eat on the menu is a plate of piping hot idlis for Rs 12, while the most expensive item is the range of fancy dosas which cost Rs 40 each.  “There is no point charging a student more than this, because they won’t be willing to pay. Everyone is on a budget and if we are located next to two colleges, we already know who we have to cater to,” explains Shetty. 

For anybody who stays in, or is visiting, this area, ‘Shresta Dosa Delights’ is definitely a better option than the many fast-food joints located nearby. 

The rather different menu and the smiling face behind the clean counter is enough to make any customer enjoy their culinary experience here. 

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