Facebook turns platform for face-off

Netizens battle

The social media and e-world are abuzz with netizens voicing their opinion on the attacks on a homestay in Mangalore. While a majority have condemned the attack, some congratulated the Hindu Jagarana Vedike activists on the assault.

Facebook community ‘Hindu Yuva Sena Karnataka’ has many of its members commenting in favour of the attack. Community member Anil Kumar says: “super attack on rave party, really awesome”.  Roshan Puthran says parents are to blame as they have not taught culture to their children.

Manoj Rai B has compared the Mangalore attackers to ‘Arjuna’. 

Establish dharma

He comments that they are trying to destroy the evil and re-establish 'dharma'.Abhishek Bangera asks people not to protest against the attack. 

“These girls are uncultured. Why should people protest in their support,” he questions in Tulu.

Also, there are many who have condemned the attack on their profile pages. Santosh Chandra writes, “Can anyone define Hinduism, what they so call here with beating up our own people, acting very inhuman”.

Media’s role

Hours after the attack, a community, ‘Investigate the role of TV news channels in Mangalore attack,’ was created on Facebook. 

The community writes, “It appears to be a pre-planned attack rather than a spontaneous breaking/spot news. So, it does suggest that the TV channels were invited beforehand to cover this ruckus. So, the electronic media was well aware of what was to be expected here. However, they chose to go ahead to get their footage which was bound to give them TRPs in exchange for publicity to hooligans”.

‘Mangalore,’ a Facebook community which has 52,012 likes, is now a hotbed of debate. The community, which is updating the latest developments in the case, has several members venting their ire against the attack.

Rakshith Daniel demands that groups like HJV be banned. “It’s time our young girls in Mangalore carry knives, hockey sticks and chains for self-defence,” writes Sushma Harish.

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