Doctors say everbody healthy in Anna camp

Doctors volunteering for the Anna Hazare movement claimed they did not take a single protestor to any of the hospitals on Monday. They said having learnt from the experience of so many days they are taking adequate precautions.

“Till yesterday we had sent 40 protesters to hospital due to various conditions. Today not even one had to be hospitalised,” said Dr Sandeep Chibber, member, Doctors Against Corruption. He said three people approached the doctors on Monday for minor matters.

Since the doctors have gained experience after a rather slow start to the event on July 25,  the cases are decreasing in number, even though number of people coming to the venue has increased. 

“Now we can preempt dangers. We are taking precautions and acting before a situation related to protesters’ health arises,” said Dr Chibber. The doctors are conducting check-ups of people on  hunger strikes more frequently.

“Now we are checking their health condition every three to four hours," Dr Chibber added.

Brushing away concerns that rising ketone levels among protesters are dangerous, he said, "Ketones are basically food for the brain. They rise when a person is not eating. There is nothing to fear about.” The volunteers are distributing added packets of water and food.

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