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With the BESCOM opening a Facebook page from September 1, the residents of the City can expect speedy redress of their complaints.

Helpful: BESCOM will soon open a Facebook page for  complaint redress.

However, only time will tell if this new page will prove helpful to Bangaloreans.

The Facebook initiative will have 3200 pages and all the updates and information regarding the organisation’s latest ventures will be provided on it.

Each Facebook page will be dedicated to one feeder and citizens coming under a particular feeder can join that particular page for information about their sub-division and feeder number. These pages will have vital information regarding power cuts and other notices.

“Becoming net savvy is a good thing and the BESCOM opening a Facebook page is good. However, I don’t think it will make complaint redress any easier or quicker. Many other government wings have also tried taking complaint redress to the next step — but I don’t think it will work,” says Rony, a marketing executive.

On a more positive note, she adds that it is a user-friendly step and citizens can also use it to suggest measures for improved services. “People will definitely have many suggestions and feedback for them and it is a direct way to complain as well as applaud,” she points out. 

It has almost become a trend for different wings of the government to start Facebook pages. Many feel that it might be a step to make these bodies more approachable to people.

 “I feel it is a good thing. But in our country, the first step is always difficult. I remember when bill payment went online, there were problems initially. I definitely think it will help in the long run.

It was a great help when the BESCOM’s lines men were given mobile phones sometime back, they were there to fix the problem immediately. So I am really hopeful about this. It will help in the overall improvement of the efficiency of BESCOM,” says Dorothy, a homemaker.

Some City-dwellers, however, point out that it will not be helpful in fixing power cuts. “It can be used as a customer feedback portal, but I don’t think it will help in complaint redress.

But if it is administered properly and the complaints go to the right people, it might be helpful. I feel it’s too early to rule this out,” says Bhagyalakshmi, a teacher.

The citizens still have to wait and watch till the page is active. The verdict about the pro-activeness of the BESCOM will only be out in September.

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