Educated women help in nation's progress: Governor

Educated women help in nation's progress: Governor

Educated women help in nation's progress: Governor

 Governor Hansraj Bhardwaj on Tuesday said women’s education is the key to nation’s progress. 

Participating in the inauguration of the building of Sreekantha Women’s PU College on Shankar Mutt road in the city, the governor quoting Traityopanishat said: “Mother is the first god and it’s for the very reason Lord Ganesha is offered the first puja. Ganesha is the ardent worshipper of his mother. Similarly, mother is the first teacher and it is true if the women are literates. In the case of learned women, the family will progress.” On the rural sector, the governor said education is still inaccessible for women. “If India wants to reach the top, women should be educated”, he said.

Recalling his bid to end discrimination against women, as a Union minister for law in 2008, Bhardwaj said when he proposed a separate law to ensure right to property for women, it was the learned ministers, who opposed.

Drawing an analogy between the women in western nations who occupy key positions irrespective of field, the governor said it’s exactly opposite in India.

Delineating on K S Varadaraja Iyengar Memorial Trust that runs Sreekantha institutions, the governor lauded the trustees for offering dedicated education for women, besides Sanskrit at school level.

After learning that for the school of 92 students there is only one teacher, the governor offered to do his mite by holding separate discussions. He also instructed the medical education and district in-charge minister S A Ramdas, present on the dais to look into the matter. The Governor also said that he will hold talks with Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar.

Rs 5 L for Sanskrit school

Minister Ramdas who was quick to respond announced an aid of Rs five lakh from Aasare Trust, he heads as the chairman.

“The endowment fund will be deposited and the interest earned from the same will be spent on the salary of the teacher,” said Ramdas helping Sanskrit School recruit another teacher.

Prafullata Bhardwaj, MLCs Go Madhushdhan and Marithibbegowda, chairman of the trust R G Narasimha Iyengar and secretary M N Srikantaiah and others were present.