The bright, colourful side of BEML

The bright, colourful side of BEML

The bright, colourful side of BEML

 A colourful show awaits for those who love nature, particularly flowers and ornamental plans.

For five days beginning from August 13, the KGF unit of Bharat Earth Movers Limited is organising its annual flower show as a part of Independence Day.
Every year BEML, which is known for its gigantic machinery goes ‘soft’ and ‘light’ with its Independence Day flower show. The administrative staff of the public sector undertaking are making all arrangement of the show.

For the past ten days the staff of the Horticultural Department of BEML are making all efforts to beatify the garden near the officers’ quarters.


This year’s attraction will be the national tricolour created by using flowers. Other attractions include new breeds of hibiscus and eight varieties of marigold. Other attraction include the words “I love India” and the map of India done entirely with flowers and plants.

But the public sector undertaking (PSU) unveiled its ‘softer’ and ‘lighter’ side during the recent Independence Day celebrations, by organising a flower show at its officers’ quarters.

BEML organises the show every year on two occasions - Independence Day and Republic Day. But what prevents a larger populace in the town and other nearby places is the lack of adequate publicity and the fact that the flower show is held only for a brief period of one week.

The PSU also wins prizes regularly at the flower shows at Lalbagh in Bangalore organised on the two national festivals. It has won more than 1,500 prizes at flower shows held in the State and outside in the last decade.  

The landscaping division of BEML has gained expertise for growing and nurturing flowering and vegetable plants of different varieties. Table rose with its sweet fragrance, the Indo-American marigold flowers, cocks comb, red Salvia, lineria, antalonia and 48 other varieties of flowers are a feast for the visitors’ eyes.

Star Flex, White Candituft, Button Beania, the diminutive flower, nestoria and the Antalonia flower which opens up by pressing on it are some of the other attractive flowers that were on display at the show.

There are also 13 types of hibiscus, besides the cana flower which was present in six varieties. Three varieties of brinjal in a single plant and the all-weather watermelon are among the different types of vegetables and fruits that were showcased at the expo.
The BEML management has been giving priority for growing flowers and fruits in the last 35 to 40 years. There are also eye-catching gardens in the front of all its offices as also the residences of its officers. All this has been possible as the officers show personal interest.