'Deepak will bring out the best'

'Deepak will bring out the best'

'Deepak will bring out the best'

His performance in Nam Areali Ondina was much appreciated and now, Anish Tejeshwar is back with Nan Life Alli, a film that will see him play two distinct characters.

“You will see me transform from a happy-go-lucky guy to a responsible person. What is really nice is that the movie doesn’t focus on only one aspect of my character’s life,” he says. 

Directed by Ramdeep, the film is a college love story that focusses on how studying abroad does not always mean quality education. 

“This is going to be a fun film and moreover, it is going to be produced under Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar’s banner. So, I’m looking forward to it,” he says. The music of the film was recently launched and is composed by Ajaneesh Lokanath. Since there are six songs in the film, the launch also saw six different stars releasing the music. 

Anish says that the music has been tailored to show off the actor’s dancing skills. “The songs are very catchy and have already created a buzz amongst many,” he adds. In fact, one of the songs even features Ramesh Aravind and Srinagara Kitty.  Apart from Nan Life Alli, Anish has Neene Bari Neene to look forward to. 

“This is a musical love story and I play a guy who comes to the City from a village. I’ve just started working on the project and I feel director Deepak Thimmaiah is someone who will be able to bring out my best.

Both the films will bring out different shades of the actor in me and I can’t wait for them to release. In fact, you will see me carrying two very different looks in these films. I have shed a lot of weight to look lean as well,” he says.

 The actor will soon widen his horizon and try his hand in the Telugu film industry as well. “I have been listening to a few scripts but nothing is official as yet,” he sums up.