Goa expresses concern over colonisation attempts by Russians

Goa expresses concern over colonisation attempts by Russians

Goa expresses concern over colonisation attempts by Russians

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar today expressed concern over attempts to colonise certain parts of the state by Russians, who are living here on a long term visa.

During a meeting with officials from Consul General of Russian Federation in Mumbai, Parrikar said the Russian government should tell its citizens to desist from monopolising things like shacks, where sign boards and menus are written only in their language.

Alexey A Novikov, Consul General, after talks conceded that the issue about colonisation was raised by Parrikar. "He had a valid point that sign boards cannot be exclusively in Russian language. They should also be in local languages as the establishments are based here," the Consul General said.

Novikov said the chief minister told them that Russian citizens will enjoy all the rights under international laws here but violation of any local law by them will not be tolerated.
The Russians are usually found staying in beach villages like Morjim, Calangute, Arambol and Anjuna.

"Like all other foreign citizens in Goa, Russians are entitled to all rights and freedom under international and national law provided they abide by the Indian law," Novikov said, adding that Russians should be held liable if they are found responsible for any offence.

He said all cases involving Russian nationals in Goa are widely covered by print and digital Russian mass media. "Due to huge number of Russian nationals in Goa, the government of Russia is constantly monitoring these cases and the overall environment in the state," the Consul General said.

The Russian government has also moved a file to set up honorary consulate in Goa on lines with the one in Hyderabad and Kerala. Novikov said the file for setting up of honorary consul has been pending with the Indian ministry of external affairs since April.