'Sack women's commission chief'

'Sack women's commission chief'

'Sack women's commission chief'

The victims of homestay attack have demanded the State government to suspend the State Women’s Commission Chairperson C Manjula and not to consider her report / recommendations to the Home Minister as she (Manjula) has tried to mislead the government.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Vijaykumar and Gurudatt Kamath said that the statements by Manjula to the press as well as her report to the government had shocked them. Quoting her report that the victims had consumed ganja, they wanted to know, on what basis Manjula made the charges against the boys.

“The police have thoroughly searched the homestay premises and they could not find any drugs or banned substance,” they said and alleged that neither Manjula nor any member of the Commission visited them or any female victims.

Demanding that the names of media persons who have covered the programme should be dropped from the FIR, they alleged that the police entered the homestay premises alongwith the attackers. Stating that the police were aware of the attack in advance and as the police arrived along with the attackers, the police officials involved in the incident should be placed under suspension, they demanded.

They also appealed the government to appoint a special public prosecutor to deal with the case as many incidents that are not linked to the case are being linked to mislead the case. They also demanded a CBI inquiry into the case.

Eye witness account

Avron Lawrence Rosario, who was also present in the press meet, said that he was too shocked to react as he did not expect that the birthday event would take such a drastic turn.

“I was carrying cake and coke bottles to the homestay venue when I saw a mobike rider and police jeep entering the homestay compound premises,” he said and added that he also saw a Alto car and a Scorpio jeep parked outside the homestay, in which the attackers reportedly arrived to attack.

“Moments later, I saw the group chasing a girl (who is said to have jumped from the first floor of the homestay),” he said and added that the police were very much present in the compound premises when the group chased the girl. He also said that he immediately threw the cake and coke bottles fearing attack on himself, if the attackers came to know that he too was part of the partying youth.

To a query, he said that he has not informed the police till he attended the press meet, as nobody asked him to do so.

One more youth (who locked himself in the toilet till the entire incident took place) was present in the press meet. Two other youth, who were supposed to attend the press meet did not attend as one of them has gone to Pune to attend an interview while another had exams today.

Quite interestingly, one person with beard was not attacked as attackers reportedly presumed that he was part of the attackers or member of a public, informed Vijaykumar.