A fight to the top

Confident Lot

The freshers of Garden City College let their hair down as they celebrated ‘Fresherism 2012’, an annual programme conducted at the college. 

The first-year students of various streams presented their talents as the seniors cheered on. 

An initial group of sixty was selected by the college and they were then judged on various parameters. 

Twenty finalists were shortlisted, who would represent the college in various competitions and inter-collegiate events.  

A host of social programmes were organised for the students — such as cooking, sapling plantation, organising a bonfire and hosting an event to entertain fellow Gardenians  and they were judged in each event. 

The winners from the group of 20 would become the ten students who would share the crown of the ‘Unbeaten’ in Garden City College. 

“For that, they had to go through a ‘Stress Round’, ‘Make Over Session’, ‘Innovative Introduction’ and ‘Judges Question’,” said Sayantanee, a professor of the college. 

The stage was all set for the top twenty to introduce themselves and each one of them chose a unique style to portray their talents to the judges.

Pramath Roy was the first one to go and he introduced himself as someone who loves to read. Suresh H Prasad, on the other hand, introduced himself in sign language. “There are many who would have chosen to introduce themselves in the normal way. However, I used sign language as there are so many people in the world who use it to converse and communicate everyday,” he said, as he translated the sign language for the students’ convenience.

Prathmi, from Sri Lanka, used five different languages for her innovative introduction and said that she is multilingual and wants to learn a new language whenever she gets an opportunity. 

Bob Andrew Sherpa, who was pretty popular with the seniors, gave a stylish introduction and set the mood for the evening.

The cultural programme started soon after the programme and the students presented dances to popular western numbers. There were other events like group singing as well.‘Fresherism 2012’ saw all the 20 finalists in their best attire, brimming with confidence and the desire to be in the ‘Unbeaten’ ten. 

The 20 students were then grilled by the judges, who asked them questions and the final ten were chosen based on their presence of mind and spontaneity. 

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