Sunnadakere hamlet needs a facelift

Sunnadakere hamlet needs a facelift

Sunnadakere hamlet needs a facelift

 The residents of Sunnadakere tribal hamlet are living amidst problems in Guddehosur Gram Panchayat limits.

Be it drinking water woes, poor road, the hamlet is devoid of basic facilities.
As Aanekadu reserve forest is situated adjacent to the hamlet, the villagers are encountered with the wild elephants very often. With the increase in wild elephant menace, the residents have been losing their crops.

As a result, many residents have deserted their land without cultivating the land.  
“The elected representatives should have will power to solve the problems faced by the residents. The promises of the leaders prior to the election has not been fulfilled so far,” said resident M A Rajappa.

The local elected bodies should give priority to supply drinking water and laying a UGD facility in the village.

“With the damaged pipeline, there was no regular supply of  water to the village. The ground water-level is fast depleting. We are facing acute shortage of water,” said Rajappa.  The residents said that there is a need for community hall in the village.
“The wild elephants enter the village as the sun sets in. As a result, we have to sit inside the house. Owing to lack of maintenance, the solar fence laid in the village to check the wild elephants menace has been damaged,” said Gram Panchayat member M B Narayana.

Efforts are being made to lay a road and UGD in the village, he added. The house belonging to M B Balaka and Rukmini is in dilapidated condition.The children of Rukmini couple are suffering from eye sight problem and are handicapped. The hamlet is devoid of basic facilities. The ITDP should work towards its facelift, said Jilla Budakattu Krishikara Sangha President J P Raju.

The residents are also facing problem while availing caste certificates. The revenue department considers the residents as Maratha.

While issueing the certificate, it comes out as Marata, owing to the technical problem. As a result, the residents find it difficult to avail facilities for education, said resident Balaka and M B Narayana.

The caste certificate should mention caste as ‘Maratha’ and not as Marata.
Zilla Panchayat Member S N Rajarao said the technical problem will be solved to issue caste certificate in the  name of Maratha.