'Cinema should be a reflection of one's society'

'Cinema should be a reflection of one's society'

Big Break

'Cinema should be a reflection of one's society'

Actress Niveditha is on cloud nine and rightly so. Not only did she bag a Bollywood film, but she also got a meaty role in the bargain. Playing the lead role in Ab Se, from the A R Rahman production house and directed by Vikram Yogananda, Niveditha says that it was the script that really pushed her to accept the offer.

“From the very beginning, it has always been about the script for me. So, when I was called in for the movie, I knew I could see myself in a project like this because the story is really different and has a fantastic script,” says the state-award winner.

In the last few years, the actress has been rather selective about the projects she has taken up. And this, she says, is more to do with the kind of roles that are cropping up in the industry.

“I haven’t liked more than half the roles that were offered to me in the past. I always wanted to be a part of female-oriented projects but unfortunately in films, majority of the movies are male oriented. It’s so funny because cinema should be a reflection of one’s society and the reality is very different from what is being showcased. In almost every sector, the woman is on top — she is rising against all odds,” says Niveditha, who plays the role of a journalist in Ab Se.

The movie, she says, is a neat, realistic film and definitely not a masala entertainer.
And she has been preparing for it, be it working on her look or her language skills.

“My Hindi is good but I do tend to have a bit of an accent, so I am working on it and hopefully by the time the shoot ends, I can dub for my own role,” she says.  So does she think this movie will be her big break into Bollywood?

“No matter what industry I have worked in, I have always treated it equally and given my 100 per cent. Yes, working in many languages is satisfying because as an actress, one always wants to reach out to as many people as possible. Getting such opportunities does make the experience more enriching,” she signs off.