Fawad fined for missing Pak's flag-hoisting ceremony

Fawad fined for missing Pak's flag-hoisting ceremony

Fawad Alam

According to reports, Fawad did not turn up for the flag hoisting ceremony at the ground and also failed to justify his absence. He was fined Rs.10,000 Friday after being found guilty of a breach of discipline.

It was after conducting a hearing that the team management fined him and warned him against any future misconduct.

Champions Trophy organisers had invited sixteen kids who were supposed to accompany the 15-member team along with the coach to the Wanderers for the flag hoisting ceremony.
Fawad did not turn up despite several reminders and was sleeping in the dressing room. By the time he woke up, the short ceremony was over. The kid who was supposed to accompany Fawad was left perplexed and confused. He even started weeping, finding no player to walk with.

The kid was consoled and was later offered the opportunity to take pictures with team members.
Fawad is no stranger to controversies. A couple of weeks back he had been involved in a serious breach of conduct during the national training camp for the Champions Trophy, forcing the management to impose a heavy fine of Rs.100,000 on him.