Irksome traffic chaos has no solution in Hassan

City has few footpaths, which are taken up for parking posing problems for pedestrians

There seems to be no solution in sight for Traffic problem in Hassan with apathy among police to take appropriate measures and people who have disregard towards fellow vehicle users or pedestrians. On one hand with problem of parking, and on the other irregularly parked vehicles increases the problems of traffic system.

Common scene is that two wheelers, cars and autos parked carelessly anywhere the space is available.  They seem to have lack of concern for other road users. Traffic police who just announce with their mikes to clear the blocked way are not worried to take strict action against traffic offenders, and hence has least impact on people.

The city has very less footpaths and even these are taken up for parking. Shopkeepers also encroach the footpath for parking their vehicles, which poses problem for footpath users.

Though authorities have been requested to attend to the problem, it has been of no use. The N R circle where the police become a bit active, returns to same state after few days.

B M road is not an exception either. Though the road is congested, traffic gets piled up during meetings at zilla panchayat with many vehicles parked and the same scenario exists till N R circle from residence of deputy commissioner.

People turn a blind eye on the boards which display the parking rules, be it to park the vehicles on single side of the road.

Stretch of 250-300 mts road from Government Hospital to Shankar Math is narrow and has vehicles parked on either sides of roads. It even has additional service of an auto stand located on the same road.

Everyone seems to be responsible for the chaotic state of Hassan traffic system, as each one finds reason to shift their responsibility of taking appropriate measures.

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