Harry offered $10 mn to star in porn

Harry offered $10 mn to star in porn

Party Prince

Harry offered $10 mn to star in porn

Britain’s Prince Harry has reportedly been offered $10 million to star in a porn film.

The British royal is being lined to appear in an adult movie called “The Trouble With Harry” based on his naked antics in Las Vegas last weekend, reported TMZ online. Vivid Entertainment’s Steve Hirsch has sent a letter to the palace detailing his full offer to the “party Prince”.

“We assure you the sex will be well-scripted, and the crown jewels will not be ‘minimised’ in any way,” Steve wrote. The 27-year-old fun-loving royal caused a stir when nude photographs of him playing a game of strip-billiards were published online this week.

He has reportedly since been given a “stern telling-off” from the royal family and was ordered to make a public apology.

“Harry regrets the embarrassment he has caused the royal family around the world and plans on apologizing for his antics. He got a stern telling-off from his father, Prince Charles, as well as the Queen, who reminded him of his responsibilities as a member of the Royal Family,” a source said.

FB page deactivated

According to a media report, Prince Harry has deactivated his Facebook page amidst fear that fresh images could emerge in the wake of his nude “strip pool” antics in Las Vegas. The 27-year-old prince, believed to be a huge fan of the social networking site, had been using the pseudonym “Spike Wells”.