Coalgate dented govt image: Cong leaders

As the coal block allocation controversy refuses to die down with the BJP adamant on resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the issue, Congress  leaders have started feeling that the issue has made a big dent in the image of UPA government, which is difficult to be undone.

“It has certainly damaged the image of the government. We are trying our best to counter the allegations made by the Opposition, but it will not be easy to undo the impact,” a senior Congress leader told Deccan Herald.

The leader also expressed concern about the effect it will have in the upcoming Assembly election in Himchal Pradesh, Gujarat and Tripura later this year.

“You never know what effect it will have on the polls,” the leader said when asked if the party is worried about the impact coal controversy can have on electoral prospects of the Congress in forthcoming Assembly election.

The Congress –led UPA government appears to be on the backfoot after the Comptroller Auditor General (CAG) report tabled in Parliament on August estimated a loss of 1.86 lakh crore to the national exchequer because of delay in adopting competitive bidding policy by the government in allocating coal block.

The main opposition party has been demanding resignation of Prime Minister and not allowing Parliament to function.

Sensing the damage coal controversy can have on party’s already battered image, Congress president Sonia Gandhi appealed her partymen to “stand up and fight.
“Fight with a sense of purpose and fight aggressively, "  she said at the Congress Parliamentary Party meeting on Tuesday.

Sibal slams BJP

Union communication minister Kapil Sibal on Wednesday came down heavily on the BJP and said that the party is trying to provoke people and killing the democratic system in the country, reports DHNS from New Delhi.

“The country is going through a difficult phase as BJP along with some other forces are trying to disturb the peace and stability of the country,” he said.

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