Lying for lying's sake!

According to a recent survey men are more likely to lie than women! Well that does not seem surprising at all.

They lie most of the time without any reason or so the survey would have us believe. If, say, they are late for any venue, they are more than likely to blame the traffic and not themselves for leaving their home late. But why lie? Where is the need? Why do they feel compelled to lie?

The average man tells about at least three lies in a day or a whopping 1, 092 in a year, whereas women in comparison lie twice in a day or 728 times a year, the survey by the Daily Express reported.

These days it is agiven to assume that everybody lies, but people should know when it’s okay to do it and when not. It might be okay to say you like your friend’s new hairdo when you don’t really because the lie could be good for the friendship.


But telling an untruth to escape from life’s difficulties can cause harm and will have long-term consequences. In some cases, it could even lead to compulsive behaviour, as one’s lie has to be kept going with more lies.

Clinical psychologist, Pulkit Sharma seconds the survey, “Yes, any day. Men do lie more than women. They have weak self-esteem and like to show-off always. They have huge egos and always try to boost their macho image.”

Everyone does lie, it is just that some are naturally better liars than others. Socially skilled people make better liars. Extroverts also tend to lie more often than more introverted people. “Men lie about their relationships, they cheat on their partners, whereas, women are more conservative than men,” adds Pulkit.

Metrolife spoke to a few men to find out why they lie. Vinay Srivastava, an education consultant shares his views.

“Men are smart manipulators whereas, women are bad liars. It shows on their faces when they lie. Also, men are less talkative than women and often conceal facts, whereas women who are more talkative tend to express everything to everybody.”

Trashing the survey, Vikas Yadav who works in a consultancy, says men have to lie at times as they are left with no choice. “When we are stuck in a certain situation, we have to lie. We don’t have any choice. What to do? Hume apni image nai bigaadni hoti hai. Also, we don’t feel guilty after lying, whereas, women feel guilty. So, men lie and women don’t.”

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