It will be a tough final: Koevermans

India coach Wim Koevermans admitted it is going to be a tough final on Sunday but complimented his boys for putting up a strong defence against a quality Cameroon side.

The two teams will meet in the final on Sunday and Koevermans said his team is ready for the match despite its 0-1 loss on Friday.

“It was an enjoyable match. The goal shouldn’t have happened but the boys played on. Slowly we got more of the game,” Koevermans said.

 “I am proud of the boys the way we defended. The individual qualities of Cameroon would stand out in some situations but we played very aggressive and won lot of balls.

We didn’t kick the ball away but looked to keep it. I was disappointed with the penalty. It was a clear tackle but these things happen. Overall I am pleased. We are ready for the final”.

India made five changes in the side and Koevermans said he wanted to give everyone a chance.

“I wanted to rest some players and test some at this level. Alwyn George showed his presence.

“The boys are good enough to deliver. It is a good foundation for long-term preparation,” he said.

 “It will be a tough game on Sunday. There will be fresh players from both the teams.”  
Cameroon coach Emmanuel Bosso said the preparations for the final will be different.
“It was a simple match.  It was an opportunity to play for some players. I told them to play and those who played showed they can also play.

“But final is another matter. Preparations will be different and we will do our bet. They (India) are also preparing something bigger for the final,” said Bossom.

The coach also informed that Cameroon legend Roger Milla, who lost his elder brother, will not be coming for the final.

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