Embarking on a new journey

Embarking on a new journey

An investiture ceremony was held at Goodwill Christian College recently

Embarking on a new journey

The students of Goodwill Christian College recently held an investiture ceremony, to formally install their new student union into their positions of responsibility.

The ceremony was quite a grand affair and the students had been looking forward to it for a while.

It was the perfect opportunity both to build the confidence and self-assurance of the new student council, as well as to give them a chance to formally promise discharging their duties in the best way possible.

Since the new union was nominated and elected solely by the students, they were cheered on and encouraged by the crowd who gathered to watch the ceremony.
The new leaders looked proud and excited to assume their posts.

The programme started off with a procession, which included all the students of the new union. They were led by the newly-installed president of the college, Eshwari J.
The other student and leaders and class representatives followed her.

The students beamed with pride as they were formally installed. The process was a touching one; the chief guest for the event — Joyce Sundar, the principal of Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College — presented the new council with a beautiful sash as well as a badge, both of which were sported with a lot of pride.

Each member of the new student council took an oath and promised to put in all their efforts to lead the college with grace and dignity.

This was followed by a short speech by Joyce Sundar, who gave the students a few tips towards becoming successful leaders. Eshwari, the president of the student council, thanked her peers for their support as well as her faculty for their guidance.

She emphasised the need for hard work and team unity. The choir added the perfect touch to the event with their melodious tunes. The ceremony came to an end with plenty of smiles as the leaders posed for photographs with their friends and faculty.