Time to polish their behaviour

Time to polish their behaviour

Etiquette Training

Time to polish their behaviour

Bangaloreans have always faced trouble with the erratic behaviour of autorickshaw drivers. Rude behaviour tops the list of complaints that the traffic police receives from regular commuters.

In an effort to polish their behaviour and get a better understanding of etiquette, the Autorickshaw Drivers’ Union (ARDU) has approached the traffic police and transport departments to train them in better etiquette and certify them on the same grounds.

But this news hasn’t changed the opinion of Bangaloreans, who firmly believe that training will not do much to change the auto drivers’

Talking more about the initiative, the president of ARDU, Meenakshi Sundaram, points out that if the drivers continue to indulge in erratic behaviour after this, they should be penalised.

“Police and transport departments should teach the nuances of public service to the auto drivers and tutor them on what is expected of them. They should enlighten them about road rules before declaring them eligible to ply in the City. If drivers are still found guilty of poor behaviour, the police can levy any penalty they deem fit,” she says .

More than 22,300 drivers are affiliated with the ARDU. Many of them confess that they are frequently asked to behave better — but not all are convinced that training is necessary.

 “We have been told by the police to check ourselves and be helpful to senior citizens and women. Sometimes, we have problems with customers regarding the fare but otherwise, we do not quarrel or argue unnecessarily. I don’t think we need any training to improve our behaviour. Some of us have been driving for the last twenty years and there have been no problems,” reasons Ashraf Huda, an auto driver.

Those who travel by the autos regularly disagree with this. They believe that auto drivers need training to mend their ways. Sudha Rani, a student, says, “They are ignorant and foul-mouthed.

I have had very bad experiences with the auto drivers in the City. The worst part is that they demand exorbitant amounts of money. As a woman, I feel helpless when an auto driver misbehaves with me. They not only need training, but need to have basic education.”

Raja K, a senior citizen, notes that he sometimes pays whatever an auto driver demands just to avoid getting into a fight.

 “I was once forced to pay an excessive amount, as the driver would not stop the auto otherwise. I was scared that he would turn and hit me; there was no one around to help me and so I had to give in. The police should identify such drivers and take them to task. More than anything, I feel the citizens must be brave enough to report such incidents to the police,” he says. Eranna, a traffic police official, claims that they are vigilant when it comes to monitoring auto drivers.

“We make sure we react to complaints from people and take appropriate
action against the driver. We often warn them. I hope the training helps improve their behaviour,” he sums up.

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