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Last Updated 02 September 2014, 13:18 IST

Amar, an alumnus of Jain College, says the stage always excites him. Just getting up there and whipping up the crowd only to receive a thundering applause gives him a high.

But Amar says that he never worked towards being an emcee, it all happened by chance.
He was elected as the president of the student union in his college and that’s when he began dabbling with emceeing.

“I used to host the evening shows at a sportsbar and that’s when I got the chance to host the Kingfisher Derby. That was a big break and I haven’t looked back since,” Amar explains.   

He thinks his biggest success as an emcee is that he doesn’t have a fake accent and is honest when he gets on stage.

“I am not here to make money but for the love of the job. I’ve done several shows for charity and oblige friends and people I know whenever they ask,” states Amar.     
Amar dubs his journey thus far as ‘eventful’. He says that he gauge the mood of the audience in the beginning.

“The first few minutes into any show and I can just about understand what they want. I always understand what is expected of me from the organisers and interpret the show my way,” explains Amar. He also draws a lot of inspiration from the audience and their reaction.
He thinks his strength as an emcee lies in his language. “I was never a great student but I used to talk a lot and that has come to my advantage today,” he adds. Amar has had his good experiences and a few bad ones as well.

“Not long ago, I had to emcee a live music concert and the artists didn’t turn up till 8.30 pm and I had to handle a very restless crowd till then. It was both challenging and embarrassing,” he recollects.  

Amar hosted the third season of the ‘Metrolife Fashion Show’ and is now all set to host the fourth season. as well. “‘Metrolife Fashion Show’ is the coolest thing that happens in town and this is one show that I look forward to hosting every year. The show is getting bigger and it helps me understand the changing preferences of the youth,” he states.

When Amar is not emceeing, he is plays rugby for Bangalore Bombers Rugby Academy and trains young players as well. “Rugby is one of the easiest and coolest games. I always had a liking for the sport since my childhood,” he sums up.

(Published 02 September 2014, 12:59 IST)

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