IAC claims support for forming party

IAC claims support for forming party

Ahead of Anna Hazare’s visit to Delhi on Tuesday to find a balance between two opposite stands prevailing among his supporters to form a political party, India Against Corruption (IAC) on Monday declared that people have overwhelmingly supported the formation of an anti-graft political party in a survey that concluded on Monday.

The results of the survey done at the instance of Anna has been posted on the IAC website and show about 76 percent of the survey- participants supporting an anti-graft political party. Over seven lakh people  have participated the opinion poll conducted through missed calls, SMSes and Facebook.

In a  similar survey where supporters were requested to fill up the forms, the anti-graft organisation received overwhelming approval to the view of Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan and others with regard to floating of a political party.

“Anna ji had told us to take a view on the future strategy for a political alternative only after knowing the view of the people. He is coming to Delhi on September 19 and we will apprise him of the people’s opinions,” said Kejriwal in statement.

“Annaji is coming to Delhi to discuss the nature of political alternative with well-known personalities of the country, who are active in different fields. In this meeting, it is to be decided what should be the most pragmatic and effective way of providing a political alternative,” added Kejriwal.

Hazare is already on his exercise to have a wider consultation with different groups, many of them being opposed to forming a political party. He will meet some anti-graft movement groups of Maharashtra on Tuesday. The meeting in Pune is supposed to be attended by activists like Medha Patkar, Ulka Mahajan and Surekha Dalvi among others. They are yet to endorse view of Kejriwal and Bhushan.

“Anna will come to Delhi on Tuesday and will attend the meeting on Wednesday,” IAC spokesperson  Ashwathi Murlidharann told Deccan Herald.