The steps to perfection

The steps to perfection

The steps to perfection

The students of Kalakshithi School of Fine Arts recently presented a beautiful recital, which showcased all aspects of bharatanatyam.

The students dedicated their performance to exponent Rukmini Devi Arundale. The show began with a documentary based on the life of the dancer and academician. This was followed by a dance programme by the students.

The programme began with a short invocatory dance, based on Lord
Nataraja.  The dance was on bhakti and had no abhinaya in it. The group then went on to perform a jathswaram, set in raga bhairavi, and composed by the ‘Thanjavur Brothers’. The co-ordinated steps and mesmerising expressions enthralled those who were present. The swift steps of Nritta and the diversity in the choreography, set in rupaka talam, enhanced the performance.

The next item was shabdam. Here, the heroine described the mischiefs of Lord Krishna who plays pranks on the gopikas on the banks of Jamuna.
The gopikas question the intent of Krishna.

The expressions in this item were noteworthy and the dancers brought out this scene pretty well.The varnam was composed in raga anandabhairavi and set in tala mishra chapu.

This item was more about abhinaya. The audience was clearly enjoying the performance as they applauded frequently. “It is amazing to see students, who are so young, perform with such perfection.

I am a dancer but I have never seen so much dedication in young students. Their performance has the right mix of bhava, abhinaya and bhakti and it is indeed a pleasure to watch them,” said Meenakshi, a septuagenarian, who had come to see the show.

The keerthane was based on raga attana. It was a beautiful piece choreographed by Mylapore Gowri Amma. In this song, the heroine addresses her companion and describes her beloved Lord Shiva as he who resides in the consciousness of all.
She asks her friend to show her the means to attain him as she is deeply in love with him. This piece was executed almost perfectly.

The members of the audience felt that this was perhaps the best among all the items. “The keerthane was mesmerising. The expressions were the best part. It is a beautiful piece and the dancers did a fine job. They preserved the true essence of this item,” summed up Geetha Ravi, who had come to see the show.