Akshara Dasoha scam: Ex-officer suspended

Akshara Dasoha scam: Ex-officer suspended

The state government has passed an order to suspend earlier Akshara Dasoha officer P S Macchado for misappropriating the foodgrains distributed to the schools.

Macchado is presently serving as a lecturer at CTE in Mangalore.

It was zilla panchayat member Bharathish, who had raised the issue of misappropriation in the supply of foodgrains during Zilla Panchayat meeting on July 23.

In fact, Bharathish had provided suitable documents to prove the allegations. Based on the allegations, the ZP meeting had asked project officer and DDPI to probe into the issue. 

Accordingly, the duo had visited a few schools and found that there was difference in supply and demand in almost all the schools in the district.

Based on the report submitted by the investigating team, the state government has suspended Macchado.