Clamour for 'condom' as poll symbol

Clamour for 'condom' as poll symbol

Contestant says it will help spread the message of preventing AIDS

However, for Sharma, a candidate from the Karnal Assembly segment, it is not a matter of grandstanding.

The social activist, who has been working for the rights of sex workers, merely wants to spread a message with the condom symbol.

“I have requested the returning officer to allot condom as a symbol to reinforce my message for safe sex, which could prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS,” he says.
Poll officials in Karnal said the allotment of symbols was the prerogative of the Election Commission. However, they ducked the question whether condom could be included as a poll symbol.

Hesitant government

Sharma is furious at the reported recalcitrance of the poll officials.

“It is surprising that the government could spend crores of rupees on awareness and advocacy campaigns on AIDS, but is hesitant to allot condom as a poll symbol,” he says.

The politician, who is an active campaigner against HIV/AIDS, contends that condom as a poll symbol will send a strong message to the electorate, warning them against unprotected sex.

Sharma is willing to go the distance to get his demand conceded. He has written to the chief election commissioner and the state chief electoral officer to press for his demand.