For daisy fresh skin

For daisy fresh skin


The real secret behind timeless beauty is simple, known by all, but learnt and followed only by a few.  Prevention is the buzz word in the beauty business.  Every day we lose natural skin moisture. It is necessary therefore to understand how to prevent this loss and replenish the deficiency using artificial products/cosmetics

Do you know?

*Excessive dryness can cause premature ageing of skin.
*Extreme weather conditions create loss of natural moisture in skin.
*The moisture content in skin is controlled by the activity of sebaceous glands.
*The sebaceous gland slows down when you hit your late twenties or early thirties.  
Why must you moisturise?

A moisturiser is one of the essentials in skin care.  All day, every day, the skin loses some of its natural moisture.  Without enough moisture your skin would probably go dry and age prematurely.

It is moisture they keeps the skin soft and elastic.  Every day living robs us of this valuable commodity.  We have to therefore take steps to correct the skin’s moisture balance.  Let’s first understand the chemistry of skin balance. Water is held within skin cells by natural moisturising factors.  The sebaceous glands play their role to prevent this moisture from being lost to the atmosphere by producing a mixture of water and oils from a thin protective layer over the skin’s surface. Too much washing strips the skin of its natural surface lines. Besides, dryness as well as cold weather plays havoc with the skin by robbing it of its moisture content.

A good moisturising product will feed and replenish the skin of the moisture lost.  Whatever the weather, regardless of whether you wear makeup or not, you must use a moisturiser throughout the day and after cleansing your face at night.  
Most moisturisers are designed to the needs of specific skin types. They come in various forms.  Creams are usually the richest and should be used lightly so that they leave only a fine film on the surface of the skin.  Lotions are less rich and therefore best suited to normal and combination skin.  If your skin is sensitive, always use an unscented or non-perfumed product.  It is important to know that from the late 20’s to the early 30’s the activity of the sebaceous glands slows down.  This deficiency must be counteracted by the use of artificial products.  During this time, a moisturiser must be applied at mid-day, as well as in the morning and evening.

Although it is never possible to retain the dewy freshness of young skin throughout your life,  you can take the right steps to delay the ageing processes for as long as possible.

Handling oily skin

Oily skin shines with grease, looks thick and coarse and often has enlarged pores and blackheads.  It looks toneless and muddy in colour.  It attracts dirt and dust like a magnet, so it should be the thoroughly cleansed three times a day.

Oily skin needs toning, but contrary to popular belief alcohol astringents only dehydrate the skin, causing dry patches and further coarsen the texture of the skin. Exfoliant masks are very important for this skin type. They accelerate the sloughing of dead cells and blackheads which cause the skin to look coarse and leathery.
The trick is to know how to deal with your skin type.  Science has found that the oils replenish themselves completely in three hours.  Oiliness comes from excess sebum when a slight imbalance with the system forces the sebaceous glands to
send up more oil.

The first step in controlling oily skin is to change your food habits.  Eliminate rich and fried foods and eat green leafy vegetables and fruits.  Emotional tension aggravates an oily skin condition, so keep calm and you will help improve your complexion.  You should wash your face and neck at least twice a day with soap and water.

Before washing, remove make-up with cleansing milk. Massage cleansing milk thoroughly into your skin concentrating on your forehead, nose and chin.  Remove with a wad of damp cotton wool.  Repeat the procedure a second time, then rinse well with lukewarm water.  

During the day cleanse your face with cotton saturated with a cleansing lotion made especially for oily skin.  Massage this on your face and neck, changing the wads until no oil or grime is left.

Tighten pores after every cleansing with an astringent or a few drops of vinegar to half a cup of water.