Chris Gayle lives upto his twitter remark

Chris Gayle lives upto his twitter remark

Chris Gayle surprised one and all with his prophetic tweet after the first semi-final that Sri Lanka will play the West Indies in Sunday's final but today he took it upon himself to ensure that he lived upto his remark.

"So its Sri Lanka vs W.I in the final Sunday :)...Hard luck Pakistan!! Now I know who Pakistan will be supporting!. Blessed all...1 Luv!!”," Gayle had tweeted after Thursday’s first semi-final.

Some might term it as an arrogant remark but if you are Christopher Henry Gayle then it's the proverbial Jamaican swagger.

He butchered the Aussie bowlers with clinical efficiency and ensured that his side has an unbeatable score to defend as he scored a swashbuckling 75 off only 41 balls to power his side to a imposing 205 for 4.

Fellow Jamaican Usain Bolt also praised the star cricketer.

"Good going West Indies...Gayle u know how Jamaicans do it..” Bolt had tweeted just after the completion of the West Indies innings.

After what happened 48 hours back while partying, team’s favourite ‘Reggae Boy’ will certainly like to do a ‘Gangnam style’ jig once he is back in the hotel.