My endeavour will be to send 545 good people to LS: V K Singh

Retired army chief Gen V K Singh today said he had not given thought to entering politics while it would be his endeavour to create awareness among the people to send '545 good people' to the Lok Sabha for corruption free governance.

"I have not thought anything on that (entering politics) ... but I will try to create awareness among the people to send 545 good people to the Lok Sabha. They alone can shape the country’s future," Singh told reporters when asked whether he would enter politics.

Asked if he was keeping the doors open for entering politics, his reply was the same. Questioned whether he considered himself as one of the '545 good people', Singh replied "there are a large number of good people who can be sent to Parliament."

Asked about the disarray in Team Anna, Singh said he believed even if Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare went their separate ways their purpose was the same.
"Their issues are the same. Maybe, Anna Hazare has to take a different course with his movement now," he said.

On the apprehensions and allegations against the army like troop movement and secret funds, Singh dismissed them  as a bundle of lies. "Does anyone know about Army’s secret funds? If you don’t get anything wrong to write, you have to invent one,” Singh said.

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