Some exotic combinations

Some exotic combinations

All In One

The 43-year-old eatery offers South Indian Combo, Chinese Combo and Breakfast Combo, so that customers can taste all varieties on a single plate. South Indian Combo comprises rice bath, shaavige bath, curd rice, plain rice, onion pakoda, rasam, papad, pickle and butter milk. Fried rice, noodles and gobi manchurian are included in the Chinese Combo, while Breakfast Combo has dosa, idli, vada, kesari bath and rice bath, along with chutney and sambar.

The eatery has become a landmark in Hanumanth Nagar. In fact, a bus stop in Hanumanth Nagar has been named after this hotel.

The hotel has carved a niche by offering South Indian as well as Chinese food in this area. The two-storey building has three counters namely parcel counter, rice items counter and a tiffin counter. The hotel is jam-packed the whole day with business people, bank officials and students.

This food joint has quite a history. It was opened by Ganesh Rao in 1966. Interestingly, the hotel was inaugurated by the then health minister Nagappa Alva and the function was presided over by the then mayor Thimmaraya Gowda. The eatery was started on a small scale with only South Indian dishes.

Now, the menu extends to all types of cuisine. Shekhar, the head cook, has been with the hotel since its inception. Narasimha, the cashier, finds satisfaction in attending to the needs of the customers. He says, “Our customers are satisfied by the service provided by us. Combos are much liked by the people and we are planning to add something new in North Indian dishes once the renovation work is completed.” 

Says Raghavendra Rao, son of Ganesh Rao and the owner of the hotel, “Right from day one, we have been laying emphasis on hygienic and high quality food. We use first-rate groceries and vegetables to prepare the dishes. Today, there are many eat-outs at arm’s length but none of them can be compared to ours in terms of popularity and profit,” he says. The hotel remains closed on Thursdays.