A relaunch of sorts

A relaunch of sorts

Sanjay Khanduri, who is returning with Kismat Love Paisa Delhi five years after making his directorial debut with Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local, says that his new film will be a relaunch for Vivek Oberoi, Mallika Sherawat and himself.

“Today, good scripts can turn an actor into a superstar. The Vivek and Mallika combination will surely thrill people. We knew that their pairing would look good; these are two firebrands coming together to create some spark. This will be re-launch film for Vivek, Mallika as well as me,” the director says.

Sanjay adds that ‘KLPD’, starring Vivek as a 25-year-old boy, promises to showcase a side of the actor which hasn’t been seen for a while now. “Vivek has been seen as a gangster as well as in biopic characters. However, his potential as a lover-boy hasn’t been tapped till date. He is a good actor and has a lot of spunk in him. When I met him — even before starting the film’s shoot — he came across as this nice friendly guy. Now after working with him, I can proudly say that this naughty and romantic role of Lucky has suited him well,” Sanjay reflects.

Like his debut film Ek Chalis..., ‘KLPD’ is set in a single night and is about a youngster on the run.

But it promises to be far edgier than the Abhay Deol-starrer. “We wanted this film to be really edgy and commercial. The endeavour was to set an example that we could make an edgy film, which also did well commercially. ‘KLPD’ was designed that way.

The final product is a revelation for me because it was always a challenge to set a film in one night, create a new genre and then make something commercially viable,” he states.