Woefully neglected, health centre on steady decline

Woefully neglected, health centre on steady decline

The government primary health care centre at Koramandala here, is in a pitiable condition. Not only is the building on the verge of collapse, but it also lacks proper facilities for treatment.

Staff members of the hospital often treat patients outside, fearing a collapse of the building, especially during rains. On many occasions, patients are moved to other hospitals for further treatment. Local sources explained that the hospital was originallty built to aid the town, especially with regard to its dense population in the area.


Since the end of the Bharath Gold Mines Limited (BGML), however, the hospital has been allowed to deteriorate and fall into disrepair. “The hospital does not receive any aid from the government and the hospital staff have failed to provide basic facilities to its staff,” a resident said.

But funds have materialised. Recently, as per the orders of the Arogya Rakshana Samithi, Rs one lakh was approved for the renovation of the hospital. Anbarasan, members of the samithi, however, added that no records have been kept on how the money was spent.

Hospital staff

At the present time, a total of nine staff members work at the hospital, in addition to a doctor and a lab technichian. But as there is no laboratory in the hospital, the technician has little work.

Doctors and nurses expressed fear at entering the main building as its roof has developed cracks and is in danger of collapsing at any moment. “The patients are not admitted here because a large volume of rainwater accumulates there and because there is no sanitation,” one staff member said.

Another described the hospital is being a glaring example of negligence. The authorities expect government aid, but so far, the wait has been fruitless.

The number of patients at the hospital are on a steady decline. Many even travel to the government hospital in Robertsenpet, for minor treatment.

N T Block, Henries, Oriental Line, Koramandala, Canadese, Tank Block, Swimming bath line, Palghat line, Model House Layouts fall within the limits of the hospital.

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