BDA site quota system benefits govt staff

BDA site quota system benefits govt staff

As thousands of citizens await their turn to own a piece of land in Bangalore, a few select individuals, employees of state government and Central government, have found the ‘privilege’ of owning sites, courtesy the quota system.

The system of allocating the sites in a layout, formed by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), is dependent on nine categories of quotas prescribed in Rule 11 of BDA (Allotment of sites) Rules, 1984.

Allotment of sites to 8,813 people in the controversial Arkavathi Layout is a classic example of the ‘preferential treatment.’

As per the list of allottees, which is in possession of Deccan Herald, as many as 1,000 employees of the State and the Union government including ex-servicemen have been allocated sites on their second or third attempt. General public have to apply at least six times to secure a site.

The number of applications received by the BDA for the sites available under the quota guides the allotment process. While the State government employees have a 10 per cent quota, Central government officials are allotted eight percent of sites. Another 10 per cent of sites is reserved for ex-servicemen.

In Arkavathi Layout, as many as 575 sites have been allotted to Central government officials, 684 sites to State government employees and 598 sites to ex-servicemen.

Officials as allottees

The allottees under the State government quota include IAS officers and police officials from the City. One among them is T Sham Bhat, an IAS officer of the 1982 batch. Bhat has now been appointed as the commissioner of BDA.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Bhat claimed that he has been rightfully allotted the site after three attempts. “I do not own any site in the City and I have been given under the State government quota,” he said.

The list also includes T G Krishna Bhatt, Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) who has been allotted a site under the ex-servicemen quota.

“I am hopeful that the layout problems will be resolved by January. However, if they persist, then we all (government quota beneficiaries and general public) sail in the same boat,” said Sham Bhat.

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