A fresh chapter opens...

A fresh chapter opens...

The first-year students of Seshadripuram Institute of Management Studies were formally inducted into the college recently. The inauguration was followed by the orientation ceremony.

The students were quite busy as the ceremony was followed by a series of guest lectures, seminars and workshops. These sessions continued for an entire week. The first day also saw the ice-breaking session, which was enjoyed greatly by the students. Both the seniors as well as the juniors participated in these events and showcased their talents.

The cultural programme had a mix of dance as well as music and left everyone enthralled.
Deepak Sharma, a first-year MBA student, says he was glad that he chose this college and was looking forward to a fruitful year ahead. “I always wanted to pursue MBA and I feel the college is giving us a good platform to pursue the course we want.

The workshops that were conducted during the orientation ceremony helped in making the basics clear to us. The guest lectures were helpful and at the end of the day, we got a clear picture of what we will do in the future. It was a good start,” says Deepak.

Students spoke about how happy they are with the infrastructure and how the teachers are being helpful. “I am not very good with accounts and I had approached one of the professors. He is helping me and I have started working based on that. I am positive that I will improve in the subject soon,” informs Aafaq Ahmed, a first-year MBA student.

The students also got an opportunity to listen some of the experts in the industry, who shared their experiences. They also provided tips about where these students would fit in and what is required of them today in the profession. Anjali Krishna, a first-year MBA student, feels that this is a good platform to pursue her goals.

   “I like the college and how the entire course has been structured for us. I hope the placements will be as good as they were earlier,” she adds. For now, the students are all raring to go and achieve their goals.